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电报群搜索工具:Bursa Malaysia invites feedback on proposed transfer of listing framework


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In a filing with Bursa Malaysia, it said KLSD entered into a sale and purchase agreement with Tropicana Desa Mentari Sdn Bhd on the proposed acquisition

KUALA LUMPUR: Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd is seeking public feedback on proposed amendments to the ACE Market Listing Requirements (ACE Market LR), in relation to the transfer of the listing framework from the LEAP Market to the ACE Market.

In a statement today, it said since the launch of the LEAP Market in July 2017, Bursa Malaysia has observed how most of the LEAP Market listed corporations have grown in terms of size and profitability.

"In this regard, Bursa Malaysia proposes to formalise the LEAP Market Transfer Framework to facilitate the transfer of eligible listed corporations from the LEAP Market to the ACE Market which offers a more robust listing environment and is open to the public,” it said.

Meanwhile, Bursa Malaysia said public consultation also includes a proposal on a newly introduced recognised approved adviser framework.

The framework allows an approved adviser from the LEAP Market, which satisfies certain eligibility criteria, to serve as a replacement sponsor after the first full financial year of a listed corporation’s admission to the ACE Market and for the remaining sponsorship period.




"It is aimed at propelling capacity building amongst the professionals in the corporate finance fraternity.

"As a replacement sponsor, the role of the recognised approved adviser will be limited to guiding the ACE Market listed corporation and its directors on their post-listing obligations, as well as ensuring their compliance with the ACE Market LR and other applicable laws,” Bursa Malaysia said.

The recognised approved adviser is expected to assume similar ongoing requirements and obligations applicable to sponsors under Chapter 4 of the ACE Market LR, said Bursa Malaysia. - Bernama