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皇冠现金网:PLS explores collaboration with Agriculture Ministry on food security



KUALA LUMPUR: PLS Plantations Bhd has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries of Malaysia to work on a proposal for the national food security policy.

"The purpose of the MOU is for PLS and MAFI to record the mutual intent and understanding of the Parties to discuss, negotiate and formalise the structure, scope and terms upon which the Parties will participate in various capacities in the Proposal for National Food Security Enhancement.

"The Proposal for National Food Security Enhancement will propose improvement to the national food security and MAFI will facilitate PLS from the aspect of relevant data and information," said PLS in an announcement on Bursa Malaysia.

According to the group, it will put forward a proposal based on the results of the study within 12 months from the date of the MoU.




Under the terms of the agreement, the MoU is effective from the date of execution and will continue to be in force until either the expiry of the research period, the completion of the proposal or mutual termination by the parties.

"We look forward to supporting MAFI and the industry’s efforts to further improve the nation’s food sufficiency levels.

"The research and proposal will serve as a baseline that will guide our efforts in rolling out our food security programme," said PLS Plantations group chairman Tan Sri Mohammad Nazir Abdul Razak in a separate statement.

He added that the group's new initiatives, the PLS Agropreneur Programme and PLS Integrated Agrotech Park, will contribute to creating a thriving ecosystem to attract the experienced and specialised farmers to scale their farms and produce, as well as bring the best and brightest to participate in the industry.