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澳洲幸《xing》运5是(shi)哪个国家【jia】的“de”(www.a55555.net)_Smartphone app among proposed methods to track purchase of subsidised goods



,Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Alexander Nanta Linggi says the use of *** artphone apps is among several ideas proposed to monitor consumers’ purchase of subsidised goods. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, June 25, 2022.

THE use of *** artphone apps to record purchases of controlled goods has been proposed as one of the measures to monitor the distribution of subsidised goods, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Alexander Nanta Linggi said.

He said the government was still looking into the best possible method and several recommendations were given to prevent leakage in the wholesale purchase of goods, including cooking oil in 1kg polybags in the market.

“One person is only allowed to buy two packets (cooking oil in polybag) but some consumers, after making their purchase, will go to another store and buy some more. We are aware that this is happening.

“With the *** artphone application we may be able to track and prevent further purchases and this applies not only to cooking oil but other subsidised items as well,” he said after visiting a cooking oil packaging plant today.

In warning industry players not to get involved in misappropriation of subsidised and controlled goods, Nanta said he would not hesitate to suspend their company licence if they were found guilty.

Also present during the visit were the ministry’s Sarawak branch deputy director Peter J. Berinus Agang and Kota Sentosa assemblyman Wilfred Yap Yau Sin.

Meanwhile, in a separate press conference, Nanta said the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry’s role in determining the ceiling price of chicken in the market was focused on enforcement in ensuring that traders adhered to the stipulated ceiling price.

He said an engagement session was held today with poultry industry players as well as senior officials from the ministry and Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry (Mafi) to discuss the issue.

Yesterday, Prime Minister I *** ail Sabri Yaakob announced that the price of chicken in the market would not be floated so as not to burden the people. – Bernama, June 25, 2022.